While it’s our most precious resource, many leaders treat time as if it’s unlimited. On this curated episode of The Leadership Foundry Podcast, we go straight to the source for tips on reclaiming calendars and mastering priorities: Leadership Foundry’s Randy Hain, Kasey Gartner with Northwestern Mutual and Penny Zenker, The Focusologist and Founder of SmartMoves. Our speakers force us to examine our meeting schedule and our task list to determine what we need to do and what we need to trust our teams to do.

1:30 “Time is a resource to manage.” Randy Hain explains the importance of clarity for managing the gift of time and escaping the time thieves.

8:20 Kasey Gartner shares her tried and true process for separating what’s “urgent” from what’s “important” – which helps her prioritize that task list throughout the day.

22:00 Penny Zenker talks accountability, competing priorities and  time management vs performance management. 

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