Managing multiple teams can prove difficult. How can we bring so many viewpoints together in decision? Add in today’s hybrid workplace and the task may seem impossible even. But our podcast guest, Chris Pacer, Vice President Group Executive at Motion Industries, joins to share tips for discovering the passion among our teams and how to align that passion with purpose, so you can lead at scale.

02:00 Chris’ background and journey to manager. “There’s value in putting in the time for each role.”

08:00 Chris and Brandon discuss why accelerating too quickly can be a disadvantage. Chris reminds leaders to learn as much as possible in each role as those lessons can be utilized in future roles.

09:30 Biggest challenge in learning how to lead multiple teams: Getting the right person in the right seat as quickly as possible.

12:30 Other people are watching you as a leader and asking: “Hey – are you willing to put up with that?”

13:30: Where does passion come into leadership?  “To align a person’s passion with a purpose.” – Chris

16:45 Can’t meet with everyone? Chris talks scaling and today’s technology.

19:00 Chris talks “Author vs. Editor” and being intentional. Boss has a leader, leader has the people, performance follows people. “You have to learn how to become part of the people in order to lead your squad.”

23:30 Chris’ Leadership Hack: Explain the ‘why’ to your team.

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