With advancements in technology and the growing popularity of the hybrid workforce, our natural workplace boundaries have evaporated. In this episode, Brandon and Randy explain ways to set personal boundaries and how we can honor those boundaries set by coworkers.

1:30 What Brandon and Randy are seeing in their 360 interviews: VPs who got promotions by saying “yes” to everything and now they must learn to say “no”. 

2:50 Leaders need to learn how to: 1 – Define and protect boundaries and 2 – How to respect the boundaries of others. 

4:00 We think more about boundaries as we move further into our careers. 

4:20 Natural boundaries have evaporated. 

5:20 “The hard work is defending the boundary after you set it.” – Brandon 

6:15 “We have to be able to say “no.”” – Randy 

7:00 How to thwart time thieves: be willing to confront those trying to break through your boundaries and offer alternative solutions. 

9:00 Start with questions. Most meetings do not need an hour. Ask more questions to gather more details and assess what’s really needed. 

11:50 Brandon and Randy discuss the importance of an executive assistant. “If there’s anyone who you need to be in sync with for this to be successful is your executive assistant.” – Randy 

14:15 How to honor those boundaries set by others. 

15:00 “I don’t expect them to respond.” Randy confronts when a boss sends emails at 10pm. 

16:30 How to handle meeting invites without an agenda. 

17:50 “It all comes down to simple respect.” – Randy 

19:20 How to handle this if its coming from your boss. (You may have to rethink where you work.) 

22:30 Be more efficient with your time. Randy talks poor planning and procrastination. 

30:00 The recap: Don’t get overwhelmed – you need to be able to define and articulate your boundaries. Second – respect the boundaries of others. 

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