Today on the podcast, Brandon and Randy take to the mic to discuss a topic that has garnered numerous questions: how to lead young professionals in the workplace. They tackle a range of issues, from quiet quitting to the impact of social media, and explore the contributions of seasoned leaders and parents in shaping the professional journey of the younger generation.
Throughout the discussion, they provide actionable tips that current leaders can implement today to make a positive impact on the leaders of tomorrow. 

1:45 Why leaders need to take some responsibility and invest in this generation.

3:30 “Every young generation got knocked when they entered the workforce.”

4:30 Brandon and Randy, both fathers of Gen Z children, assess what this generation has faced.  They discuss Covid, instant gratification and workforce expectations.

5:50 “Gen Z is coming into the workforce with certain expectations that are not reality.” Brandon and Randy highlight the role of social media.

6:45 “Earn the right to have an opinion.” – Brandon

7:30 Understanding the tradeoffs of quiet quitting.

10:30 “Get off the sidelines and get in the game.” Randy encourages seasoned leaders to mentor younger professionals, speak at colleges, etc.

11:30 The Gen Z Playbook: “We owe it to each generation to share what we know.”

12:30 Face time is valuable. Brandon talks Author vs. Editor: Show ownership, take initiative and display critical thinking.

13:30 The anxiety epidemic.

15:00 “We are a combination of our failures and successes. I learned from every failure and it shaped who I am today.” – Randy

16:00 Credibility impacts us all. “No one will ever tell you that you’re not credible.” – Randy

18:15 Think of your career as a business – your manager is your #1 customer.

20:00 As managers and leaders, we need to test our assumptions. (Ask more questions.)

23:00 The power of curiosity and vulnerability.

24:00 Informal vs. formal communication: Brandon stresses the importance of writing clean, clear emails.

25:45 Be a good reader. “If you read well, you will write well.”

26:00 Brandon’s takeaway: get curious. “Stop viewing yourself as an employee or student. That’s an Editor mindset. You’re an Author.”

28:00 Randy’s takeaway: Look at every job as a learning job. Help others (serve), be curious (ask questions), add value (“Everyone that meets you should walk away feeling it was time well spent.”).

30:30 A final thought: It’s okay to change jobs.

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