Listen in as Brandon and Randy reflect on their work with leaders in 2022 and share what they are looking forward to in the new year.

02:00 Brandon and Randy share stories from some of their favorite work this year.

04:00 Work post-COVID. “30% of people are new hires.”

06:30 What does it look like to engage with Leadership Foundry?

9:30 How are employees dealing with stress? Brandon and Randy discuss how executive teams can approach potential challenges coming in the new year.

12:00 Getting a clear view with 360 interviews. Brandon and Randy share how they develop a process of sustained ways to handle stress, challenges, etc.

16:00 The “bad behaviors” stress can bring out of team members and how to help.

19:00 Brandon talks “Author vs. Editor“, Greg Maddux and why leaders should “throw softer.”

22:00 Randy discusses “Upon Reflection” and the abundance vs. scarcity mindset.

28:00 Brandon and Randy challenge leaders do their own year-end review and answer: what are you proud of and/or not proud of? “Be intentional.”

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