Today on the Leadership Foundry Podcast, Ken Keen, Associate Dean of Leadership Development, Senior Lecturer at Emory University – Goizueta Business School and Retired Lieutenant General, highlights the importance of showing up. While this is a leadership fundamental, Ken explains what showing up truly means, why leaders often fail to do so and how we should adjust for the virtual workplace. 

03:00 Meet Ken and learn about his career journey, from 38+ years in the United States Army to Emory’s Goizueta Business School.

05:15 Ken talks Haiti and leading through crisis.

07:30 What does it mean to show up? Ken explains how “showing up” is not only physical but mental. “Before you can lead others you have to lead yourself.” He and Brandon discuss the TRUST Formula.

11:00 How has the pandemic changed the way we show up? Ken talks about how we work and interact with others.

12:30 How showing up can help you win that promotion.

13:30 Showing up and commitment – what does this look like? Time management and willingness to say “no” (doing a lot at a below average level). Ken suggests leaders learn their own capacity.

15:00 The three C’s: Character, Competency, Credibility.

17:45 Brandon and Ken discuss why “everything is optional” is a poor attitude to carry.

19:30 Ken’s advice for MBA students on showing up: “You need to be committed to do the academic work.”

21:00 For leaders – if you want to know where your priorities are, look at your calendar.

23:00 “Mission first, people always.” Brandon and Ken discuss handling fires and having 1-on-1s with team members.

26:00 Scheduling 10-minute conversations with others to just be present and listen.

28:00 Commander’s Intent example in Haiti. Brandon and Ken discuss the “Winning MVP” vs. winning a World Championship.

32:00 Ken’s Leadership Hack: Everyday ask yourself, “What can I do to help others be successful today?”

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