We’re excited to welcome back author, Sam Horn, on today’s Leadership Foundry Podcast. She and co-host, Brandon Smith, discuss quips from her new book, “Talking on Eggshells.” It’s a great discussion for leaders looking to inspire their teams!

2:00 Meet Sam and learn about her “proactive leadership” mindset.

4:15 Where “Talking on Eggshells” began.

6:30 Words to lose vs. words to use. Brandon gives the example of Aikido: never attack your opponent; redirect their energy.

10:00 Delivering bad news.

13:30 “We can’t make people do better by making them feel bad.”

14:30 Brandon and Sam discuss how the virtual workplace impacts communication.

18:00 Sam explains interim communication.

22:30 “Words have ripple effects.” Sam shares what leaders can do when something goes wrong.

26:30 Sam’s Leadership Hack: The word “but” cancels. “Replace ‘but’ with ‘and’!”

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