Accountability plays a big role when it comes to teamwork, ranging from tough conversations to achieving results. So today on the Leadership Foundry Podcast, we’re examining the 3 C’s of Accountability: Clarity, Communication and Candor.

2:00 Brandon references previous conversations between he and co-founder, Randy Hain, on candor and accountability.

4:50 Performance reviews are often the root of prevailing accountability issues.

7:20 The first step towards accountability: drive clarity.

9:10 The next step: ongoing communication.

10:30 The final ‘C’: candor.

13:00 The “critic” vs the “editor.” Brandon highlights the “Author / Editor” role in performance reviews.

14:30 Two bonus C’s: Compassion and Coaching.

17:50 Caught in-between two managers? Brandon explains “choice and pain” when it comes to influencing decisions.

25:00 How does size impact performance and accountability?

26:45 Accountability in the hybrid workplace.

28:30 “The Author vs Editor Dilemma,” rockstars and accountability within executive teams.

33:00 Accountability and parenting.

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