The 5 P’s of Resilience with Vivian Blade

The 5 P’s of Resilience with Vivian Blade

2022-05-16T05:14:13-06:00May 9th, 2022|Leadership Foundry Podcasts|

Vivian Blade highlights the importance of partnership in resilience. That partnership begins with self, but then reaches out in the form of connection with others. During our conversation, Vivian walks leaders though each of the 5 P’s of Resilience, including how we build personal strength to then encourage our teams moving forward.

02:30 Meet Vivian and learn about her passion for developing leaders.

04:45 What is resilience?

06:00 What does it look like to “adapt well”? What do resilient people look like? Vivian highlights the 5 P’s of Resilience:

  • Perspective
  • Purpose
  • Perseverance
  • Partnership
  • Praise

9:30 The most important of the 5 Ps? Perspective. “Perspective lays the foundation for how we see things.” – Vivan

11:45 How do we drive resiliency in our teams? Vivian explains how our core mission doesn’t necessarily change, but our purpose can.

14:00 Vivian explains why “you should always be listening to your customers.”

15:45 The 4th “P” of resilience is Partnership. Brandon and Vivian discuss how this starts with self, then goes outward to connection with others.

19:00 What makes partnership difficult? 1 – Vulnerability 2 – We’re overloaded (limited time resource).

20:30 What does it mean to “praise” others? Vivian reminds leaders that showing praise and gratitude to our team means appreciating effort that’s given and the progress made. “Resilience is both an individual and a team sport.”

25:00 Vivian’s two books and The SCALE Framework.

27:00 Vivian’s Life Hack: “Lean on purpose.”

Show Resources:

  • Check out Vivian’s books, “Influence in Talent Development” and “Resilience Ready”.
  • When we’re in control of our schedule and key projects, we can focus more on resiliency. Download Brandon’s book, “The Hot Sauce Principle,” available now on Audible.
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