Brandon and Randy return to the podcast together, this time sharing their insights on accountability. As a leader, how do you involve your team? What are some obstacles you may face? Randy reveals his newly developed formula for practical accountability to help us along this journey. Listen in.

1:30 Defining accountability – an issue both Brandon and Randy often hear about from the leaders they work with.

3:00 The Practical Accountability Formula: (Clarity + Effective Business Meetings) x Degree of Personal Ownership = Practical Accountability

9:00 “Accountability happens when you hear the person say it.” Brandon explains the importance of getting your team to repeat back what they’ve heard to promote personal ownership.

10:30 Randy shares the importance of clarity in accountability.

12:00 Accountability within senior teams.

15:30 “This is what I could have done better.” The Blue Angels Story: a culture of accountability.

17:00 The Trust Formula: (Authenticity + Vulnerability) x Credibility = Trust

20:00 Brandon talks using Author vs. Editor to foster ownership.

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