From large teams to a company of one. Josh Hartmann, CEO of growing company NexMetro, joins podcast co-host, Brandon Smith, to share the key to his successful entrepreneurial leadership: humility. Listen in!

1:30 Meet Josh and hear about his leadership journey.

7:30 Josh shares early leadership lessons that have stuck with him throughout his career.

10:15 From 30,000 to 1. Josh and Brandon discuss wearing multiple hats and those first years of Josh’s leadership at NexMetro.

13:00 The benefits of thinking “like an owner.”

15:45 Josh and Brandon weigh the pros and cons of starting team members as contractors.

22:00 “Treat people the way you want to be treated, they appreciate it and it comes back to you.” – Josh

24:00 What’s the secret sauce? Josh talks humility and culture at NexMetro.

27:45 Josh and Brandon talk interview tips.

31:30 Josh’s Leadership Hack: “Be present when you’re speaking with team members.”

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