In the realm of leadership, errors are inevitable, but surprisingly, some of the most profound lessons stem from these very mistakes. Today on a new edition of the Leadership Foundry Podcast, Mark Graban joins co-host, Brandon Smith, to share about his newest book, “The Mistakes that Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation.”

2:00 Meet Mark and hear what inspired the creation of his podcast and now his new book, “The Mistakes that Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation”.

3:45 What is a mistake?

6:00 What is a “favorite” mistake? Mark explains this may or may not be your biggest or worst mistake – but serves as a “surprising inflection point.”

8:00 Mark shares about one of his favorite mistakes.

10:00 The emotional vs. logical aspect of making a mistake. “Sometimes we need to give people space.” – Mark

13:45 Brandon discusses the before-action review and after-action review.

17:00 The importance of leaders admitting a mistake (openness and transparency) and how this plays out in startups vs. corporate entities.

21:00 Mark shares an example of learning from “small” mistakes to prevent “larger” mistakes.

25:00 How do we create a culture that embraces learning and mistakes as opportunity for growth?

27:00 Differentiating between assumption and fact.

31:00 How to apologize. “Apologizing is 20% what you say, 80% what you’re going to do to correct it.” – Brandon

32:30 Creative ways to honor mistakes within an organization.


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