As we approach the July 4th holiday, we’re honored to welcome back Retired Lieutenant General, Ken Keen, to the podcast. In today’s discussion, he and Brandon highlight the newly launched Masters in Business for Veterans program at Emory University. Ken also breaks down the three components to leadership development and examines the difference between character and competence.

1:15 Meet one of our favorite guests, Ret. Lt. General Ken Keen, and hear about his 38-year career with the Army.

3:00 What does it mean to be a leader in the Armed Forces?

4:00 The three components to leadership development: developing self, developing yourself as a leader, developing other leaders.

5:50 Character vs Competence.

7:20 “If you don’t have the right character makeup, it doesn’t matter how good you are with your skills.” – Ken

8:10 Ken references Dean Erika James’ 2024 Wharton Graduation speech on leadership.

9:00 “Everyday you must learn to serve and lead in peacetime and in combat. You always have to be prepared.” Ken discusses earning your title with credibility.

11:45 What can organizations today do to develop their leaders?

16:20 Brandon and Ken discuss the newly launched Master in Business for Veterans at Emory University.

25:00 Applications for Cohort #2 for Emory’s Master in Business for Veterans program opens August 2024 with classes beginning in May 2025. If you’d like more information, please email Ken Keen directly:

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