In a long-tenured industry like mining, relationships are important. Holly Bellmund, President of GLC Minerals, joins the podcast to walk us through her transitional journey, moving from technical expert to company leader. Now, Holly translates what she learned to her team, preparing them to move in and beyond their own roles.

03:00 Meet Holly and hear how she got into Geology.

08:00 “If you’re interested in giving, you have a lot to give.” – Holly

11:30 Holly talks mining and explains some of the specific challenges faced in this particular industry.

14:00 Holly shares some key insights as a woman in mining.

18:00 From finance to sales and beyond, Holly shares what she learned while transitioning into a new leadership role.

23:30 “Everything is a customer experience.” – Holly

29:45 Holly’s Life Hack: “Develop every member of your company.”

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