Diverse challenges, personalities, hybrid offices and more call for diverse leadership skills. Navid Ahdieh, Managing Director and Global Leader of Strategy and Management Consulting at North Highland, shares how his life path developed his leadership style. He and Brandon talk about patience, authenticity and skills to become a better listener.

1:50 Meet Navid and hear about his journey into consulting.

6:45 “It was the thing other leaders saw in me that I did not see in myself that created a lot of opportunity.” Navid talks influence and lessons learned over his 25-year career in consulting.

8:30 “Get out of your own head.” Navid shares how to halt negativity and potentially thwart mistakes.

11:30 Ask yourself: “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be part of a team?”

14:00 The importance of asking for help.

16:00 Brandon and Navid discuss the art of asking a good question.

20:00 “In leadership, it’s important to be authentic and know who you are.” Navid shares about his personal history, parenting and life today.

26:00 Reconnecting after isolation. Brandon and Navid discuss today’s hybrid working world.

32:15 “Not everything is a problem to be solved.” Navid shares what leaders can do today to help their teams.

37:30 “Don’t split people… people are not all good or all bad.” Navid explains.

38:30 Brandon follows up with Navid’s advice with: “Let people surprise you.”

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