As time evolves, so does the workplace. What essentials do modern leaders need today to stay connected with their teams, thereby nurturing trust and driving growth? Andrea Chilcote is CEO of Morning Star Ventures and Author of “What Leaders Need Now.” On this episode of the podcast, she joins co-host, Brandon Smith, to share the three essential elements and practices covered in her book.

1:32 From teaching to corporate and beyond. Hear Andrea’s journey to executive coaching.

4:55 An “ah-ha!” moment in Andrea’s career. “You make change in individuals; you don’t often make change in organizations.”

7:51 What does it mean for a leader to be a good coach? 1. Listen. 2. Have the courage to give feedback.

9:32 Andrea shares an example of a good leadership coach / employee relationship.

12:12 Andrea and Brandon talk about fellow Leadership Foundry co-founder, Randy Hain, candor and the courage to give feedback.

15:27 Learn about Andrea’s book, “What Leaders Need Now“.

19:00 Compassion, Courage, Humility.

22:15 Brandon and Andrea discuss these elements as they relate to RTO (Return to Office).

29:30 Andrea explains the three practices to accompany Compassion, Courage and Humility: Development, Reflection and Acknowledgement.

33:47 Andrea’s Leadership Hack: Listen without judgment, without bias, without trying to respond – and see what happens. “Try it one time.”

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