“Skills in managing are transferrable if you trust yourself.”

We often hear discussions and tips for first-time leaders, but moving into the role of Chief Executive Officer for the first time is rarely talked about.

Today on The Leadership Foundry Podcast, we’re doing just that with Chad Costley, CEO at BlueWillow Biologics, Inc.

03:00 Meet Chad and hear about his trajectory – from Doctor to the CEO of a biotech company.

08:00 “Skills in managing are transferrable if you trust yourself.” – Chad

10:00 Chad’s core principles for first-time CEOs.

13:00 “When you’re at your best, you’re enough in your limitedness.” Brandon shares a quote from a mentor.

16:00 Running a biotech company during the pandemic. Ask: is this worthy of our time as a company? What noise are we listening to; what should we be listening to?

18:00 Using “Author vs. Editor” in the workplace. Chad talks about the role of the CEO as focus driver in the company.

20:20 Leading change as a new CEO. “Explain in context the reason for the change. People can handle the truth.” – Chad

25:00 Chad explains why thinking out loud is dangerous for a CEO.

29:30 Chad’s Leadership Hack: Do something before 10am that you don’t want to do that day.

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