Author, Professor and Speaker, Jamie Turner joins this week’s host, Brandon Smith, to talk “leadership today”. How has leadership changed? What remains at the core of a great leader? The two discuss everything from executive presence to mindset. Listen in.

2:00 The unspoken rules of leadership. Jamie shares his journey from marketing to his work in leadership.

5:45 The #1 way to get better at your job? “Mindset first, skillset second.”

7:30 If you want to increase productivity, work on your mindset. “I get more done because of the mindset.” – Jamie

8:10 Meditation and how it resets your brain.

11:00 Self Management + Leadership + Marketing = Executive Presence

12:45 Jamie talks self awareness and “the space between stimuli and response” per Viktor Frankl.

15:00 Brandon references The 4 D’s (Do, Delete, Delegate, Delay) from prior Leadership Foundry guest, Robert Sawyer.

19:00 The difference between authenticity with transparency. Less is more.

22:15 New studies show the most effective leaders are humble.

27:00 Brandon and Jamie discuss the importance of leaders having the best intentions.

30:00 How to stand out in a meeting as a young leader.

32:00 Brandon on the core of a leader’s job: drive focus and alignment.

33:00 Jamie references “How to Lead” by David Rubenstein.

34:20 Jamie’s Leadership Hack: “Get inside the minds of your employees and understand what motivates them.”

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