Between the Great Resignation and new hybrid work policies, many leaders we engage with are currently guiding their teams through culture change. To help us on this journey, Dr. Robert Nobles, Vice President for Research Administration at Emory University, joins The Leadership Foundry Podcast to share how to author workplace culture in a way that promotes physiological safety, encourages talent retention and builds influence.

03:00 Hear about Robert’s professional journey and his passion for research.

06:30 Common traits Robert sees in leaders: they ask about their teammates. “Leadership is so much more than getting the job done.” – Robert

12:00 Brandon and Robert talk culture change. “People are asking for culture change, but they’re not asking you to be a bull in a china shop.” Robert says your first step as a leader is to assess the culture. “Culture changes with your presence. Culture change starts with connection.”

17:00 How can you maintain your “internal” (legacy) group as you change culture and branch out to build more groups? Be transparent and communicate. Ask: what is working?

20:00 How long until you see results? Robert says this depends on how widespread the cultural change needs to be. Follow the guide: 1 year messaging, 1 year implementing, 1 year reflecting.

22:30 Robert shares a specific example. He says, treat people like people first. Don’t come at; come alongside.

30:00 Brandon and Robert discuss the pandemic, what’s has changed and being in the office vs working from home. “If people are not in office, how do we know who’s working?” Robert asks leaders: “Do you know this answer when you’re in your office working?! Let them work! It’s no more productive to have everyone in the office all of the time.”

35:00 So, when should team members be in the office? Robert offers “mandatory” events guidance.

39:00 Robert’s Leadership Hack: Don’t wait until performance review time. Ask those who report to you how you can better serve them… then listen.

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