As leaders, we’re constantly making pitches. Whether we’re talking with investors, asking for more resources or convincing a new customer to sign the dotted line. On this episode of the podcast, Sam Horn, Founder and CEO of The Intrigue Agency shares her tips for captivating your audience in just 60 seconds.

03:00 Meet Sam. She’s “doing what matters, and loving it!”

04:00 “Ink it when you think it.” – Sam 

06:30 An exercise in raising brows. “Confused people don’t say ‘yes.’” – Sam 

10:00 The magic of “imagine.” 

12:00 Key questions investors (your customers, your “internal investors” like your team and decision-makers) want answers to. 

13:30 “Time is the new trust.” – Sam 

14:00 Sam’s method seems simple… so – how do we mess this up? She explains. 

15:30 Voice your audience’s objections. Avoid the word “but” (this work makes us adversaries!). Use “and” instead. Take less time than anticipated. 

19:00 “Everyone gets itchy without a little control.” -Sam 

20:00 Nervous in the spotlight? Same shares her suggestions. 

24:00 Making brand ambassadors and the story of Pretty Woman Director, Garry Marshall.

30:00 Sam’s Leadership Lesson: 60 seconds!

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