Among tasks and teams, leaders have an overall essential balance that must be maintained and that balance comes in the form of relationships vs. results. How can leaders achieve this balance? Crumbl Cookies COO, Graciela Chadwick, shares from her extensive experience working with franchisees on this edition of the podcast. Listen in for two key factors crucial for leaders in fostering connections within their teams.

1:30 Meet Graciela. With roots in Mexico, she shares about her strong family ties, the importance of education, and her journey to the United States.

5:10 Graciela’s experience with franchisees and prior work with Chick-fil-A.

7:30 “There are principles which apply no matter what.” Graciela talks leadership challenges and reminds franchise leaders that “it’s a partnership.”

9:45 Complexity vs. simplicity. Graciela uncovers how to make the complex (like operations) simple so they can be followed consistently.

11:50 “Assume positive intent.” Graciela talks visiting Crumbl stores and asking more questions.

15:00 The best stores are very intentional – they have a plan, know how to execute the plan and have ideas for making the plan better. Graciela talks results vs. relationships and explains why EQ is one of the most important skills required to be a great leader.

18:00 “Do you know how you’re coming across?” Graciela on her process for receiving feedback from others.

23:00 “To be a great leader you need two things: an open mind and an open heart.”

25:45 Looking to the future: foundational leadership traits will never change. Graciela reminds leaders: communication is changing but knowing how to communicate is always important.

28:00 “It’s not about a product; it’s about creating an experience.” Graciela and Brandon discusses the biggest regret: not spending enough time with those who matter most.

29:30 Graciela shares her process for developing a personal mantra. “You have to do the hard work – read and put yourself in a place to track what you’ve done and access how it makes you feel.”

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