We’re excited to welcome former The Home Depot, Chairman and CEO, Frank Blake, on this episode of the podcast. Frank reminds us: As CEO – you’re at the bottom and not at the top. Listen to this insightful conversation as he shares why (and how) the best leaders “pull complexity up and push simplicity down.”

2:30 “Leadership is something that can be learned.” From the courtroom to the Oval Office, meet Frank and hear about his career journey.

10:15 Frank discusses CEOs that “know” the industry vs. those with backgrounds from outside the industry.

12:15 A mindset of learning and the Inverted Pyramid of Leadership.

14:00 Brandon asks: How valuable is it for a CEO to have a mastery of the industry? “As CEO  – you’re at the bottom and not at the top.” – Frank

16:45 “What you know is yesterday; you don’t know today.” – Frank

17:50 “CEOs need to know what’s actually happening on the ground as they’re leading.” – Frank

19:30 The most important thing a leader can do? “Recognize and celebrate around the people who are doing what you want to do.” – Frank

24:00 New CEOs need to get these two things right for success: capital allocation and human resources.

31:00 Why Companies move from solving customers’ problems to their own problems.

32:00 Great leaders pull complexity up and push simplicity down.

36:00 Frank’s Leadership Hack: Consider how you ask questions. “Do not ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Instead, ask on scale.” (Example: 1 to 10. “How can we make this a 10?”) Also ask: “Why isn’t this project going well?”

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