Your messaging around culture is missing the mark. On today’s new release of the Leadership Foundry Podcast, Brandon Smith challenges leaders to refocus on culture (the right way) with his three-year checkup protocol.

1:50 Where people work is not “culture.”

5:20 Recent podcast guests, Chester Elton and Andreas Widmer, point to strong relationships as the backbone to great work cultures.

7:00 What does culture look like? There are four essentials: Purpose statement, Vision statement, Mission statement and 3-5 guiding Values.

12:00 Brandon highlights ways to effectively and consistently talk about the values of your organization.

14:00 Culture can be the “glue” that holds your team together in times of adversity.

17:00 Your three-year culture checkup.

24:00 Real vs. aspirational values.

30:00 How do we make culture work in the hybrid workplace?

34:30 As a CEO, 50% of your messaging should be centered around culture.

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