Co-hosts Brandon Smith and Randy Hain welcome Andreas Widmer on today’s show for an insightful conversation about the entrepreneurial mindset. Andreas Widmer is an author, speaker and the founder and director of the Art & Carlyse Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship at The Catholic University of America’s Busch School of Business. Our overall theme centers around how doing good, from our employees to our customers, can lead to prosperity – both, monetarily and culturally in the workplace.

1:40 Meet Andreas and hear about his career as a bodyguard for the Pope.

5:15 How Andreas met Randy; selling a company with $0 return inspired Andreas to start another journey.

8:00 “Good and evil goes through the human heart, not between human people.” – Andreas

12:00 “It never is, it’s always becoming.” Andreas explains why perfection is never reached, and why we should always strive for it and enjoy the journey.

12:40 Randy asks Andreas how the students he teaches both receive and act on his message.

17:30 “Happiness is the alignment of the physical and spiritual reality.” Andreas on his new book, “The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship“.

20:50 Brandon asks, “How do we stay principled as leaders?”

23:00 The lens of entrepreneurship: harvester vs. creator.

26:00 How do we work these concepts into culture as we build businesses?

30:00 “True prosperity follows from putting values first.” – Andreas

36:25 Andreas discusses loving your employees and customers: “Ti voglio bene” = “I want your good.”

40:00 Andreas’ Leadership Hack: Start a new vocabulary.

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