Today’s host, Brandon Smith, and returning guest, Glen Jackson of Jackson Spalding, discuss the five challenges modern leaders face today and how to step up to those obstacles.

3:00 Meet Glen and hear about the founding of Jackson Spalding.

5:15 Glen shares three things needed to start (and stay) in business: resiliency, remembering that a healthy business is about everyone not some one, always keep learning.

6:45 “I treat every day as if we just opened our doors.” – Glen

7:50 “Leaders model to mold.” Glen talks leading by example.

9:30 The definition of leadership: “Leadership is the courage to act, the commitment to complete each task by working with and inspiring others to deliver extraordinary results.”

10:30 Glen talks courage and shares an example from the Atlanta Braves.

14:30 What are the common challenges leaders face today? Brandon and Glen discuss.

16:50 Brandon asks: What does the modern CEO look like?

21:00 Glen shares the should “ate” words – like delegate, celebrate, appreciate, anticipate, cultivate, marinate and radiate.

23:00 The “ate” words leaders should avoid: manipulate, dominate, deflate, obfuscate.

24:00 Glen’s Leadership Hack: Remember what your P&L truly stands for… people and lives.

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