The Great Resignation and 3 Things All Leaders Should Do

The Great Resignation and 3 Things All Leaders Should Do

2022-04-06T16:18:28-06:00April 4th, 2022|Leadership Foundry Podcasts|

What motivated people to leave their jobs in droves this past year? Co-Founders Randy Hain and Brandon Smith sit down on The Leadership Foundry Podcast to discuss competing benefits, employee burnout and what leaders need to do to keep rockstar team members.

01:00 Brandon shares our question from a listener.

03:00 Doing more with less. Randy highlights the toll of the pandemic on workers.

05:00 Brandon and Randy explain the increase in bonuses offered / onboarding packages and employee burnout as a driver for The Great Resignation.

09:00 Why money isn’t the only factor to consider. “People want to be invested in.” Randy shares three things all leaders should be doing right now. 

12:00 What can leaders do to retain talent?

15:00 Leadership essentials and the abundance mindset. 

18:00 Brandon highlights why leaders need to promote balance by modeling their own self-care.

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