Are you looking to drive change within your organization? The “messy middle” can derail your plans. TED Speaker and Cross Impact Coaching Founder and CEO, Betsy Kauffman, joins The Leadership Foundry Podcast to explain and shares tips for finding the courage to have those much needed difficult conversations at work.

03:00 Meet Betsy and learn more about her career path from project management to designing better ways of working.  

06:00 “I wish I could say that out loud.” Betsy shares what inspired her TED Talk on having difficult conversations at work.

07:30 Do you have the courage and confidence to speak up? Betsy’s three keys: 1 – Understand your intent. (Are you coming from a place of positive intent?) 2 – Don’t sugar coat it. 3 – Seek a solution. 

11:00 Betsy explains the messy middle: “They can make or break any transition you’re trying to make.” 

13:00 Collaboration, transparency and managing up.

14:30 Betsy and Brandon discuss saying “no” and how to set boundaries. “If you need to put blocks on your schedule to stop and think, do it. You can say ‘no’ to a meeting.” – Betsy

18:00 When and how to say “no” to a meeting. 

21:30 The key of self-awareness for scheduling meetings. And why to get your team involved.

25:30 Consistency is key. Betsy suggests leaders find a cadence (this doesn’t have to be a time suck!). 

27:30 Are you having too many fires? Betsy and Brandon detail how to build resiliency in our organizations.

28:30 Betsy’s life hack: Prioritize self-care. “You can’t lead from an empty cup.”

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