“This is an act of courageous leadership.” If you want to deepen any type of relationship, you can’t do it without vulnerability. Yet, this can be scary. As leaders, it requires courage to let down our defenses and ask for support. In today’s podcast, Brandon and Randy explore strategies for embracing vulnerability in the workplace effectively.

1:41 “Some of the best leaders we know are the most vulnerable.” Randy prompts: What is vulnerability and why do leaders fear it?

3:00 “Vulnerability is dropping all of your armor and weapons.” – Brandon

3:50 Where does vulnerability happen? (How often do you ask: “I need your help”?)

4:45 What does vulnerability look like?  Vulnerability is not “all or nothing.” Randy reminds us that vulnerability exists on a continuum.

6:45 “If you want deeper relationships, you can’t do it without vulnerability.” – Brandon

8:50 Armor begets armor so do the opposite!

12:00 Brandon and Randy discuss storytelling as part of vulnerability.

13:00 A vulnerability test: How often do you say, “I’m sorry”?

15:30 Discernment, judgement and reading the room. Randy shares why to look at vulnerability as a teaching moment.

18:45 Too much, too soon. Brandon reminds leaders: “Don’t tell your life’s story on day one!”

20:00 You have a story. “We’ve all overcome adversity.”

20:45 “Vulnerability invites vulnerability.” – Randy

22:15 “This is an act of courageous leadership.” – Brandon

24:00 Vulnerability is a tool; use it accordingly.

26:00 “Be the model.” – Randy

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