As a new leader, is your “holding on” holding back your direct reports? Speaker, executive coach and author, Mark Noon joins Brandon Smith on The Leadership Foundry Podcast to share four areas you need to develop as a leader. Hint: delegation is at the top of the list!

03:00 Mark’s background, how his time in the Air Force developed him as a leader.

04:30 Why are people not prepared to step into leadership roles? Mark shares the start of Leadership10.

05:30 Four areas you need to develop as a leader (communication, motivation, delegation and culture).

06:30 “New leaders are hoarders.” – Mark

08:00 Why is delegation so hard? 

9:00 “Chefs make the worst restaurant owners.” 

10:30 The efficiency of the military in building leaders with structure (clarity, the chain of command and more).

13:00 “The matrix” – who really has decision making rights?

14:30 Mark answers: What unique challenges does the healthcare space face? 

18:00 What can new leaders do? Mark talks self leadership: who are you as a leader? Every employer wants to know 3 things about an employee: Who you are, are you good at what you do and do you care about your place of work?

21:00 Brandon and Mark discuss why the highly inconsistent boss is the worst boss to work for.

21:30 Step two to develop your leadership skills? Continue growing.

24:00 Leadership missteps to avoid. 

26:00 The future of leadership. Mark defines change leadership vs change management.

29:00 Mark’s Life Hack: If you can’t relate, you can’t connect; if you can’t connect, you can’t lead. 

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