Into the Weld House: The Founding of Leadership Foundry with Randy Hain and Brandon Smith

Into the Weld House: The Founding of Leadership Foundry with Randy Hain and Brandon Smith

2022-03-08T16:44:37-07:00March 7th, 2022|Leadership, Leadership Foundry Podcasts|

On this edition of the podcast, Leadership Foundry co-founders, Randy Hain and Brandon Smith share their story behind the foundation of The Leadership Foundry. Plus, they explain some of the common challenges they see leaders face in this time of uncertainty and predictions for the future of leadership.

02:00 Learn more about Randy and his history in leadership and coaching.

03:00 From dinner table napkins to Leadership Foundry.

05:00 Brandon’s background and passion for leadership development.  

07:00 Four ways Leadership Foundry is different.

09:00 The Program Builder.

11:30 Randy and Brandon share favorite projects and some of the most important modules we offer for teams like Practical Clarity and Time Management & Priorities. 

13:00 The importance of action learning projects and engagement.

17:00 Randy and Brandon discuss the future of The Leadership Foundry and growth for our team of coaches and facilitators.

19:30 Beyond training: are you ready for The Leadership Foundry?

25:00 What’s coming up for our Founders? Randy and Brandon talk curiosity, Upon Reflection and Author vs Editor.

29:30 What questions or themes do we see on the horizon? 

31:03 “Time is a resource to manage.” – Randy 

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  • Check out these books by Randy and Brandon to strengthen your leadership journey.
  • Build your team’s customizable development plan with our Program Builder.
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