You’ve heard us talk a lot about the importance of curiosity. Today, we dive into how. From questions to ask and ways to hone your active listening skills, co-host, Brandon Smith, walks leaders through how to maximize this workplace superpower.

3:20 What does it mean to “get curious”?

4:30 The empathetic leader.

7:00 “The best starting place is being able to ask good questions.”

8:50 Repeat back what you hear, then ask a second question.

9:50 The #1 way to kill curiosity.

12:30 Testing your assumptions.

15:45 “Curiosity is a superpower.”

16:30 Why leaders struggle with curiosity.

19:45 Brandon offers great questions leaders can ask in the workplace to show curiosity.

23:00 How do we get curious with “resistors”?

25:00 How many touch points does it take to build trust?

30:00 Brandon discusses how to become the person others feel they can be vulnerable with.

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