Leadership Foundry Coach and Facilitator, Ashley Freeman, joins Co-Founder, Brandon Smith, to talk career purpose, self-awareness and our emotions at work.

2:45 What’s the importance of purpose? Ashley talks quiet-quitting and post-pandemic life in the office.

3:45 So where do we start? How do we begin to discover our career purpose? “Picture your retirement day.”

7:00 What do we do if our current work and that “retirement day vision” don’t line up? Ashely says: Get clarity and know your options.

9:30 Brandon and Ashley discuss examining your emotions throughout the day. Examine where the resistance comes from.

15:45 The revived focus of career purpose since the pandemic.

17:30 What role does career purpose play in leadership?

20:00 “The best purpose is focused on others.” – Brandon

23:30 Your feelings are data!

25:50 Ashley’s Leadership Hack: Get to know yourself and what motivates you, so you can best lead your team.

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