Today on the podcast, we highlight Leadership Foundry Co-Founder, Randy Hain’s newest book, “Upon Reflection.” Listen in to learn how allowing time for reflection builds our ability to have better conversations with candor, give feedback (the right way), become protectors of our time and more.

03:45 What inspired Randy’s new book, “Upon Reflection”?

06:00 Valuing experiences and learning from them (being able to adapt and change).

08:00  “It’s not enough to look back; you must be able to look back at moments where you’ve been fully present.” – Randy

10:30 In 2021, 73% of business meetings in America were considered unproductive. Randy shares how to become a master of your calendar and avoid time thieves.

14:30 …and how to avoid becoming your OWN time thief!

17:00 Candor – Leaders have to be comfortable telling the truth. Randy and Brandon discuss “trusted voices”.

20:00 Giving feedback and the right way to do so.

24:00 Countercultural conversations; civility  – showing up as a better human being.

31:00 See the value of pausing, thinking and reflecting. Where are you?, who are you with?, what are you learning?

33:00 Randy’s Leadership Hack: During the course of the day, do your best to find small windows to pause and reflect. Be aware.

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