Class is in session! Today on the podcast, Brandon Smith offers a new perspective on setting annual goals. Step back in time with us as we look at 2024 through the lens of a college student, focusing on your overall GPA to grade success.

3:30 First stop is PE: Think about your physical health, in terms of exercise, sleep schedules and diet.

7:05 Class #2 – Psychology: Brandon reminds us to reflect on our patterns. How are they serving us and others? Are there beliefs we should let go?

10:15 Next stop is the Career Management Center: Take this opportunity to examine your professional goals. Is there a move you want to make? What skills do you need to master to get there?

13:30 It’s time for a lunch break! Here, Brandon reminds us to take time and socialize; invest in those friendships and family relationships most important to us.

17:20 Class #5 – Finance and Accounting. What are your financial goals? Think investing, retirement, and ways to keep your financial house in order.

21:00 Bonus Class #1 – History. Want to earn extra credit? Setting this goal allows you to learn a new skill or start a new hobby. Bonus – it can be for pure enjoyment (and not necessarily work related!).

23:45 Bonus Class #2 – Human Development. This class for parents will likely take up all of your extra time and can prove a bit harder than other classes. Brandon provides guidelines for setting goals as a parent.

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