Today on the podcast, we’re examining an often under-represented practice: setting and leading with company values. To help us along this journey, co-hosts Brandon and Randy, are joined by Doran Oancia, President and CEO of Chemex Global. Listen in as Doran shares how to select, promote and hire with company values.

2:30 Meet Doran, hear about his time in global consumer products and career move into the energy industry.

4:45 Leaving a legacy. Randy and Doran discuss carrying what you learn from one position to another.

8:00 How do we create a values-driven organization? How do we find talent based on values? Doran walks listeners through the importance of operating principles.

10:00 Defining values. Doran gives an example at Chemex Global.

12:00 How to rank order your company values (and why you should).

16:00 Randy and Doran talk about intentionality and accountability regarding company values.

19:30 How do we select talent (and screen) candidates for values? Doran quotes Howard Schultz: “Resumes can’t tell you if someone will fit into the culture.”

21:00 “You will learn a lot about people just by asking questions.” – Doran

24:30 “Consistent promotion of values promotes great alignment.” – Randy

28:30 Doran’s Leadership Hack: Lead by example.

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