Tobias Hoffmeister has had the unique experience of being a global leader, working in many different countries. Today, he is President and CEO of MHP Americas, a Porsche Company. He and Brandon’s conversation centers around the dynamic of running a country unit and maintaining the relationship with the home office, along with the essential competencies of global leaders today.

2:30 Meet Tobias, born and raised in Germany. He has lived in more than 10 countries with a focus on work in data and technology.

3:50 Growing from 50 to 150 employees. Tobias shares about his journey to the U.S.

6:30 Tobias examines what it means to be a great leader.

7:15 “Focus on the moment.” Tobias shares key traits of successful leadership.

9:15 “Authenticity is important.” Tobias talks about motivating teams and inspiring others in different cultures.

11:30 Your actions need to fit your character to be authentic.

13:00 Communication with the home office.

14:30 How to balance the right amount of communication.

19:00 “In an international relationship, you don’t have many chances to prove you’re a trustworthy person.” – Tobias

22:00 One trait all successful leaders need to have in a global setting: the ability to adapt and embrace change and innovation.

26:00 Tobias’ leadership hack: Listen more. Get curious.

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