As a leader, are you looking to drive innovation and foster the entrepreneurial culture inside your organization? Today’s guest, Louis K. Gump, has literally written the book on how to effectively implement an intrapreneurship program. Drawing from firsthand experience, Louis offers valuable insights on talent acquisition, monitoring metrics to track progress and more.

2:00 From the Weather Channel to CNN and Cox Media. Meet Louis and hear about his career journey.

8:00 Louis shares the inspiration behind his book, “The Inside Innovator: A Practical Guide to Intrapreneurship“.

9:00 What is intrapreneurship? The practice of building a growth business within a larger organization.

9:50 Who should consider intrapreneurship? “Any organization that desires to be first-rate.”

10:20 “Intrapreneurship activates innovation.” – Louis

11:00 Finding new ways to be relevant and remind your customers why they love what you do.

12:20 Where do we start? Louis notes: “It’s very difficult to have intrapreneurship without a culture that embraces it.”

14:45 Company says they want to innovate + Systems that allow it + People who can do it = Magic happens

16:00 Top 5 success traits of intrapreneurial talent: they are curious, action-oriented, risk-tolerant, optimistic and possess the ability to build bridges.

19:00 “Once a business hits $3B in revenue, it ceases to be a company and becomes a government.” – Brandon

20:00 How do you handle push back? Louis highlights how the right boss will be your advocate.

22:30 “The best intrapreneurs take the successes and magnify them.” – Louis

24:00 How can you measure this? What does success look like? “The #1 mistake large companies make is to take the same metrics from the overall (mature) business and apply those to the intrapreneurial program.” – Louis

27:30 Louis’ Leadership Hack: Listen more and with a very specific action.

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