Today’s team members want to feel connected to the work they are doing. If company processes and goals don’t feel personal, it could prove difficult to get everyone on board. Wills Moore, CEO of Agilitas Human Resources Consulting, joins Brandon on the podcast to help leaders gear up for success in 2024 by sharing best practices for your performance management process.

2:25 Meet Wills and hear about his career start two weeks out of college as an entrepreneur.

3:00 An organization’s most important asset is the people.

6:00 Why is performance management important? “We all need a true North.” Ask yourself: What’s important? What does success look like?

7:00 Brandon and Wills discuss how to reset in 2024: 1- Review what you have in place today. 2 – Get back to basics (set 3-5 goals and examine how those cascade down).

8:45 Do you have a performance-driven culture? Does your team buy into company goals?

10:20 Signs you have a performance-driven culture: KPIs are known, reports are generated and discussed on a regular basis. Clear goals are set for the year and each team member has buy-in. A communications plan is in place. Bonuses are linked to clear results.

14:15 Wills reminds leaders: this process can also be over-complicated, which is not good! This could look like: complex software, “letting the tail wag the dog” and too many goals.

16:30 Another roadblock for leaders? The inability to sunset what’s not working. Think about the “start, stop and continue” exercise with your team.

22:00 Where do we start? Read up on best practices, set financial goals, operational goals and HR Goals. Get buy-in by getting input from your team.

25:00 Link individual goals to overall company goals for success.

27:15 How do we screw this up? By having no processes in place – at all, or the processes in place are ineffective.

29:30 Wills’ Leadership Hack: Keep a consistent 1:1 meeting routine with your direct reports.

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