“Almost all learning experiences came from the difficult ones.” Today on a new episode of The Leadership Foundry Podcast, co-host Brandon Smith is joined by Atlanta Humane Society President and CEO, Cal Morgan. Listen in to their conversation on nonprofit leadership and the importance of communicating the mission.

2:00 Meet Cal and learn about what’s new at the Atlanta Humane Society.

3:30 “Most of us are doing things today we never dreamed of 20-30 years ago.” Cal shares his journey to President and CEO of the Atlanta Humane Society.

7:30 Nonprofit leadership: what’s different? Cal details how to be an effective nonprofit leader.

9:30 Cal explains earning an “emotional paycheck” working in the nonprofit space.

10:45 What are key challenges of working in the nonprofit sector? Cal talks ownership, collaboration and influence.

14:45 “Almost all learning experiences came from the difficult ones.” – Cal

16:00 Cal shares a learning experience: You have to find a balance, you can’t just focus on the support.

20:00 Pandemic pets; Cal shares how to run a nonprofit in a new environment.

22:00 The love of a pet. Our blood pressure goes down around a pet and we feel happier overall!

27:00 Leadership Hack: Always be open to multiple avenues to achieving an objective. “It’s about being collaborative.”

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