In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re revisiting one of our favorite episodes “from the vault”! Get into the attitude of gratitude with hosts, Brandon Smith and Randy Hain as we examine RAPKG: Random Acts of Praise, Kindness and Gratitude. Listen in for ways leaders can communicate thankfulness in the workplace… and at home.

1:57 “Gratitude is a mindset.” – Randy Hain

7:35 The mindset shift needed to move towards showing more gratitude. Randy shares about the RAPKG (Random Acts of Praise, Kindness and Gratitude) strategy.

11:30 Be selfless. Don’t attach outcome to RAPKG.

13:45 Three tips to relationships from Randy’s father: always approach them with a servant’s heart, always practice sincere curiosity and always own the responsibility for adding value to the conversation.

16:15 Randy talks about his cherished tradition of sending handwritten Christmas cards.

19:20 RAPKG for leaders.

24:40 “When practiced well, gratitude is transformative.” – Randy Hain

28:00 Randy’s Leadership Hack: Own your calendar.

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