There’s a lot happening around the world and tensions are high. In this “Leadership Challenges” episode, Brandon addresses the key components of effective communication and highlights what leaders should be mindful of when navigating emotions and driving focus in their roles.

1:30 When leaders communicate, 1 of 2 things happen: Value is added or the leader dilutes from existing value.

3:30 Brandon explains the components of communication: 1 – Structure, 2 – Content, 3 – Style.

7:00 Keep emails at 3 to 7 points.

9:00 Emotions are contagious in the workplace. “If the emotion is too loud, the recipient will not hear the words.” – Brandon

11:00 Think – “Would I be okay with this email being read in court?”

14:00 Hope and Handles. Brandon addresses how to combat negative emotions in the workplace.

18:30 How many touchpoints should a leader have with their team? Brandon reminds us why consistency is key.

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