“Do you have the courage to lead?” Sounds like a simple question, but in a leader’s lifetime, there are many points of uncertainty. As a direct report, there are times when you must step up to fill the leadership gap when unforeseen changes happen and resources are limited. Dave McKeown joins the podcast to speak on shared goals and responsibilities, leading others through urgency, and crafting the headspace you need as a leader to think clearly and actively invest into others.

02:30 Meet Dave and learn about his passion for leadership growth.

04:00 What is “self-evolved leadership”?

08:30 The cycle of mediocracy. “You don’t add value in the urgency, you add value in the focus.” – Dave

12:50 “Your urgent is not my urgent.” – Brandon

16:00 How do we create shared goals and responsibility? Brandon and Dave discuss.

21:00 Brandon reminds leaders to put everything on the calendar and consider your “hourly rate” before saying “yes.”

22:50 The importance of time, energy and head space.

28:00 Mindset shift to The Self-Evolved Leader’s Mantra: “My focus is on helping my team achieve their goals and in doing so, become the best version of themselves.”

30:00 Dave’s Life Hack: “Lean into the silence of the pause and let that silence do the heavy lifting.”

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