In the latest episode of The Leadership Foundry Podcast, our focus turns to the human element of leadership. Ciare James, Vice President, Brand Marketing at Bob Evans Farms poignantly reminds us that behind spreadsheets, behind computer screens and behind closed doors – we are human. This sentiment extends to those we lead, revealing the essential humanity of our team members. During the conversation, she and co-host, Brandon Smith, underscore the pivotal roles that courage, curiosity, and vulnerability play in fostering genuine connections within our teams.

2:00 Meet Ciare and learn about her career journey.

7:00 “You can lead from any seat.” Ciare talks leading teams of teams.

10:30 What to consider during a career transition.

12:00 When is it appropriate for a leader to say, “I don’t know”? Ciare and Brandon discuss vulnerability in leadership.

14:45 Hard skills vs. soft skills.

16:30 What makes leadership today more challenging?

18:45 “Leadership today requires a robust understanding of how all the macro factors impact your business.” – Ciare

23:00 “There’s power in the question: How are you doing?” – Ciare

29:00 What are some ways to strengthen your muscles if you’d like a ‘C’ (CEO, CMO, etc.) in your title? Ciare offers several suggestions.

32:30 Ciare’s Leadership Hack: Take the time to share what’s important with your team and why.

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