If you’ve tuned in to our latest podcast episodes, you’re already familiar with Brandon recounting the story of conducting 360 interviews, during which one employee described their leader as a “modern CEO.” Today, we have the privilege of hosting that very CEO, Rohit Verma from Crawford & Company, as our guest on the podcast. Join us as he delves into his remarkable career path, his experiences in steering a global enterprise across 70 diverse countries, and his insights on empowering your team.

2:45 The “something” that clicked. How Rohit knew he was ready to be CEO.

7:00 The COVID shut down as a first-time CEO. “We put our employees first because we never want to put them in harm’s way.”

11:00 Thinking together does not necessarily mean thinking alike. Rohit explains.

13:00 Brandon and Rohit discuss solving global challenges.

14:00 Results of an empowered team: Rohit talks 11 quarters of consecutive growth at Crawford & Company. 

18:30 The case for empowering your employees.

22:50 “I don’t make the rules.” Rohit talks hiring for capabilities, not for skill.

23:15 What does it mean to be a modern CEO? “There’s always something to learn. Allow employees to “ask any question.”” Rohit explains.

27:30 Rohit’s Leadership Hack: Start with the belief that everyone wants to do a great job.

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