What does it take to transform a business? On this edition of the Leadership Foundry Podcast, guest Rob Pepper, Sr. Director of Strategy and Transformation at Papa John’s highlights the importance of influence.

02:00 Meet Rob and learn about his work in Atlanta with Papa John’s.

6:30 Rob shares key takeaways from his days as a consultant. “It’s all about influence. Great consultants impact change through influence.”

10:30 Brandon and Rob discuss how to effectively and efficiently manage multiple “teams” be it regional teams as a whole, leadership teams or “teams” of customers.

13:30 Where do organizations waste time?

16:00 Sponsors vs. mentors.

20:00 Rob talks urgency and shares about moving from consultant to running strategy and transformation at Papa John’s.

23:00 Brandon and Rob discuss being the “MVP” of your team vs. building world championship teams.

30:00 “My job is one part personal trainer, one part professor.” Rob on the learning journey we must travel as leaders of people.

33:00 Rob’s leadership hack: “Practice leadership from a place of gratitude.”

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