Co-host, Brandon Smith, is joined by Starbucks Vice President, Head of Investor Relations, Tiffany Willis. While the main focus is executive presence, Tiffany and Brandon discuss navigating the “emergency room” of leadership, the importance of clear communication and how to own your narrative. It’s an encouraging story of resiliency. Listen in!

2:00 Meet Tiffany and hear about her journey from CPA to Investor Relations.

4:25 Navigating “through grey” as a consultant. Tiffany explains.

6:30 Tiffany answers the investor relations call, mixing finance with communications.

8:15 What makes a good Investor Relations Executive?

9:50 An early aha moment from Tiffany’s career in Investor Relations: “How much weight is placed on any and everything that comes out of my mouth!”

11:45 “With a global brand, the smallest thing makes headlines.” Tiffany shares how her background in auditing aids in her current role. “I’m prepared with information before the request comes in.”

14:30 Leadership today is a bit like working in an emergency room. Brandon and Tiffany discuss news, noise and being prepared.

18:00 Tiffany’s story of resiliency (from high school dropout to where she is today).

20:30 “It’s not a matter of decisions, but options.” – Tiffany

22:00 How do we encourage resilience in others? “Sharing my own story can help someone else identify their own resiliency.” – Tiffany

25:30 Tiffany’s Leadership Hack: Own your narrative.

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