Leocadia Zak is President of Agnes Scott College, a college ranked #1 in innovation for six consecutive years. In this edition of the podcast, co-host Brandon Smith talks with President Zak about the importance of relationships and how to make innovation a cultural way of living. Listen in as President Zak imparts valuable insights that can be applied by leaders across various domains.

2:20 Meet President Zak and learn about her journey from law to higher education.

6:00 President Zak shares key takeaways from her time as General Council for a government agency.

9:00 “I wanted to give back to what made me who I am which is education.”

11:30 President Zak reflects on Agnes Scott College being ranked #1 in innovation for six consecutive years.

15:30 Brandon and President Zak discuss “the mission” and fostering unity.

18:00 “Because it’s my home.” President Zak talks dinner with faculty and why these meetings are important.

20:15 “In higher education, people want to know who you are.”

22:00 “Innovation never stops.” President Zak shares tips for leaders looking to inspire innovation.

25:00 Brandon and President Zak discuss building the right team.

28:00 A top challenge for leaders today? Mental health. President Zak explains.

29:30 President Zak’s Leadership Hack: “Place yourself in someone else shoes and have the courage to act.”

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