In our inaugural episode of The Leadership Foundry Podcast, Brandon Smith is joined by Ed Frauenheim, Co-author of Reinventing Masculinity and Co-founder of The Teal Team, for a conversation on leading self. Brandon and Ed discuss the future of leadership, what young leaders are looking for in the workplace and why learning to lead self makes you a better leader for all.

02:00 Get to know Ed and his background with Great Place to Work.

03:30 Brandon and Ed discuss leadership then and now. 

06:00 The “3 F’s” of leadership today.

08:30 Ed explains the “for all” leader. “The most inclusive leaders are also the most productive.” 

10:30 The first step to becoming a “for all” leader? Listen.

13:00 Young leaders want to be involved. Brandon shares the Greg Maddux story (throw softer, not harder). 

14:00 Want to become a better leader? “Start with self.” – Ed 

15:30 How has male leadership changed? Ed shares the PWC “Liberating Man” story. 

19:30 Brandon breaks down the Trust Formula: Trust = (Authenticity + Vulnerability) x Credibility. Ed and Brandon highlight the vulnerability component.  

22:00 Take a look into the crystal ball. What does the future of leadership look like?

28:00 Gathering data – are surveys the best way? 

24:00 Ed’s Leadership Hack for becoming a better leader tomorrow: “Ask people to tell their life stories in 60 seconds.” 

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