Whether we’ve been in a leadership role for 10 years or 10 minutes, we can still fall short and place our team at a disadvantage. On this week’s podcast, Jim Wetrich, CEO of the Wetrich Group of Companies and author of “Stifled: Where Good Leaders Go Wrong” shares how we can limit those missteps by focusing on the development of our team first.

02:00 Meet Jim, learn how he builds CEOs and about his time with Warren Buffett.

05:00 Jim’s first boss and why he was Jim’s favorite.

06:00 “Great leadership has nothing to do with your title.” – Brandon 

07:30 What does the future leader look like? Jim highlights self-awareness, the ability to make quick decisions and look at the whole person.

10:00 Then vs now (30 years at one job vs 3 years). Don’t look at roles only… ask for bios and resumes. Get to know your team. 

13:00 Who owns responsibility? It’s 50/50.

15:00 Stifled: Where Good Leaders Go Wrong. Jim speaks on the importance of consistency.

18:30 Performance management. Jim explains how most managers not being coached or mentored. 

23:00 “We’re buried in communication.” – Jim Wetrich 

26:00 Jim’s Leadership Hack: “Be committed to developing others.” 

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