It’s a challenge almost all leaders face at some point in their career: new responsibilities accompanied by a feeling of being cast away on an island with no help in sight. Today on the podcast, Cameron Richardson is here to help. As Senior Vice President Retail, Consumer Merchandise and Digital at Genuine Parts Company, Cameron understands the importance of operating at our best and tapping into the skills of our team to lead at a new level. In our discussion, he explains how regaining self-awareness helped him face (and overcome) new leadership challenges.

03:00 “I never went looking for dysfunction, but somehow it found me.” Cameron’s background on transforming businesses and how he uses “Author vs. Editor” in the workplace

08:00 Cameron shares insights for leading change: learn to respect the legacy and culture that exists, but build relationships (which leads to trust) so you can start to talk about what needs to change.

11:00 Brandon talks about balancing the urgency for change with maintaining some of the legacy that remains and has, historically, made the business what it is today.

13:00 How long does it take to create culture change? From new culture to new expectations, Cameron answers: “what’s the difference?” Protecting the company’s DNA.

17:00 Leading at a new level (with additional responsibilities), drowning in hot sauce and navigating the global pandemic. The lesson is self-awareness.

20:00 Three steps to reclaiming self-awareness.

25:00 Cameron shares tactics for crafting this change and why he’s deemed Monday’s “Team Day.” Meetings need to have purpose!

28:00 Cameron’s three-year goal: “continuing on the journey I’m on” … “authoring up” and “editing down.”

29:00 Cameron’s Leadership Hack: maintain self-awareness. Write down your goals. “Visualize what good looks like… carve out the time to do this.”

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